About Us


From the Desk of Karen Ryan-Lysaght

Hello and thank you for visiting TAN WITH KARE (as of January 2023) TAN WITH KARE TOO! Where have 20 years gone!? I’m incredibly humbled to head such a wonderful team of artists. In February 2003 I started a journey as an entrepreneur and here we are in 2023 with the start of a sister company to begin the exploration of a possible franchise reality.

Our mission is still clear – reducing skin cancer by providing the best that custom sunless has to offer – and we do offer the best of everything the industry stands for. We set the standard from our warm air infused drying stations to the personalized, comfortable artistry each of us offers, the natural formulas applied by tested, certified artists that have gone through my certification course which is the toughest in the sunless industry. We protect your tan with a lovely powder to your pulse points at the end of every service, so you leave feeling comfortable and confident! You make us want to be the best version of ourselves.

I started this business because I believed that offering you the best of what I had to offer would make a change in how people would want to get their tans. In the years that followed I was proven right because other women wanted to do what I was doing. That’s when Spray Tans by Karen became TAN WITH KARE and over the years I’ve trained and certified possibly hundreds of women (I’ve lost count) to be their own boss. I’m honored that the best of them found their way back to me and have become this amazing team you can visit in Avon for your very own spray tan.

Our mission is more important than ever – to reduce skin cancer statistics from basal cell to melanoma as quickly as possible. Thus, the creation to TAN WITH KARE TOO – partnering with the talented Jessica Keller in this venture - we desire to bring TWKTOO to the rest of the United States – and maybe even the world – after we’re sure we’ve got it right in our new Lakewood and Strongsville locations. We’re hoping that by creating a studio within existing salons will help us grow quickly to achieve our goals more efficiently.

Thank each and every one of you wonderful clients who have been along for the entirety of the 20 years to each new client that hears about us and tells their friends, family and co-workers about us. Thank you for believing in our mission as much as we do. Thank you for your patience when we experience growing pains. Thank you for making 20 years of a vocation the best decision I could have made when given an ultimatum (Thanks Dr. W : ). Thank you for sharing in this next chapter as we see where we’re meant to grow to. Thank You Holy Spirit for choosing me and this team to be the vessels through which You deliver such amazing artistry!

Here's to the next 20 years and beyond!