From the Desk of Karen Ryan

Hello!  Thank you for visiting TAN with KARE.  Over 11 years ago I started offering a sunless service that gave you a new, healthy option for looking tan and gorgeous.

A year prior to starting my business I’d stopped tanning ‘cold turkey’.  My father had just been diagnosed with cancer and that brought my immediate family to 50% cancer issues – first my sister, then my mother and then dad.  Tanning suddenly was no longer an option for me because I knew that skin cancer would wind up being ‘my cancer’.   For a year I was an ugly, white girl.  No color – no confidence – no fun!  No thank you!!

About a year or so after starting to offer this service I was approached by salons, spas and individuals who recognized the amazing reality of ‘tanning with Kare’.   So I set about offering the best the sunless industry has to offer: the best spray tan system, gorgeous, natural formulas and a very important crucial component – personalized, one-on-one training and certification.  I created a sophisticated quiet chamber to make it a mobile business option.  Today 100+ people have been personally trained and certified and I didn’t advertise my business to bring these people through the door.

Now it’s time to shout the importance of this TANfabulous service from the rooftops.  My mission and prayer are to reduce skin cancer statistics, specifically melanoma.  With your help, we can do it!!

Your options are many:  experience the service as a client, purchase our retail self-tanner, own your own TwK Mobile Business, establish the service in your business be it a med-spa, a salon, a national gym franchise or start a national trend for sororities to have their own in-house system.

Another consideration is putting yourself through university with an amazing, unique business that helps you learn your degree in a very real way, making very real money instead of working for tips.

You’ll have your very own fairy-godmother of Couture Sunless Tanning to help you every step of the way!

Take kare & thank you!

Karen Ryan


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